When I evaluate the products, I’m somehow always much more tougher to high-quality cosmetics, for such a price I expect perfection.




I divide my expectations for mascaras in several categories:

1. The most important thing for me is that mascara does not smudge to the upper and lower eyelid because there is nothing worse than a scenario of non stop checking and erasing smudged mascara!

With this mascara you will not have such problems, you don’t have to worry that it will ‘slide’ from your lashes to your dark circles, or that mascara will smudge on the upper eyelid. Your lashes will look identical at the end of the day, as they looked in the morning after application.

My rating 10/10

2. The separation of the lashes and upgrading!

The brush of this mascara is very small, with firm bristles of different lengths, and it alone performed a perfect job in separating the lashes. A big minus is that the tube opening is simply too large for such a small brush, and therefore too much product comes with the brush – as the result, it gives the impression of clumping, sticking lashes and a quite messy look. To avoid this you should remove extra product with tissue, and you will have perfect lashes. This is not a big problem because it is done in two seconds, but it is not nice for such an expensive mascara to be thrown away and dryed like that.

My rating 6/10

3. The intensity of color!

I’m in love with mascaras that have strong intensity of color. I usually put one layer and I just love when my lashes are thick, visible and very long. Black mascara that I tried was well pigmented and completely satisfied my desires.

My rating 10/10

4. Extending eyelashes!

Who does not want great and endlessly long feminine eyelashes? Yes, this mascara will visually lengthen your lashes.

My rating 10/10

5. The volume of eyelashes!

With regard to the problem of small brush, a large opening and ultimately too much product on the brush, it is impossible to achieve a beautifully separated, thick eyelashes (if you don’t remove extra mascara from the brush).

My rating 8/10

The first coat of mascara on the eyelashes:


The second coat of mascara on the eyelashes:


The content is 10ml and it is best to use in 6 months after opening. Price is 34 euros.


This is a very good mascara, but it’s not something I would warmly recommend and characterized as the perfect mascara. Mascara is ideal for every day, but you will hardly achieve the dramatic look of voluminous and long eyelashes that we are looking for nights out.

Have you used this mascara? What are your impressions?

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