If you read me, you already noticed that these lipsticks are in my favorites of The Year 2012.

I am so impressed with these lipsticks and one of the best things about them is their price.  For only 45,99 HRK you will buy an outstanding product. Considering, most high street matte lipsticks I’ve tried leave my lips dry, flaky and show up any dry skin, these glide on like silk and feel really moisturizing.  These lipsticks also smell lovely, a light scent which disappears once you apply.  I hadn’t tried any of the other Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks before so this was really a pleasant surprise!

Lipstick that I bought at Muller is shade No.111 Kiss of life.

The packaging is very Rimmel, with the slanted top, but has a matte finish compared to the usual glossy packaging. The lid is pretty secure so this is perfect for chucking into your bag for touch ups etc. It contains 4 grams of product and it’s best to use within 30 months from opening.



The product itself is quite creamy for a matte formula, and has a vanilla – floral scent which disappear when applied on the lips. The formula is quite pleasant, but I would probably classify these as semi-matte, and as you can see from the photo below, they are actually a bit shiny in comparison to other matte shades from other brands, in particular MAC Ruby Woo, which is my go-to lipstick shade.

left to right: No flash and day light, flash, no flash and artificial light

I was really impressed by how long the lipstick stayed on my lips somehow in form of a rich stain, but not dry.

Overall I think these are a great bunch of matte lipsticks, especially for the high street, definitely a great discovery this year and I’d like to treat myself with some more shades.

Hope you all enjoyed. Are you thinking of picking up one of the new Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks?

Martina, Alter Ego Style

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  1. imam taj ruž i 105,te 2 iz prethodne kolekcije i to su mi definitivno najdraži ruževi

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